Our Products.

Our main productline is obviously Coolers; but as you can see below, we also carry a small but increasing special selection of high quality accessory products usefull for improved performance or higher system stability.

CoolWhip™ Coolers consists of two completely different concepts based on the same technology. An Air Cooler and a Liquid Cooler with a Heat exchanger.  
Currently the CoolWhip™ Air supports Slot1, SlotA, PPGA socket370 and socket7 processors, but the CoolWhip™ Liquid series is limited to Slot1 and SlotA processors. We are working on some new cooling heads for socketed CPU's, and we expect those to be available in the near future to all you socket370/socket7 users.


The CoolWhip™ Air Series.

CoolWhipAir is the smallest of the coolers, and the simplest in its construction. Based on a revolutionary patended Cooling Profile concept, with a total surface area of app. 8 x it's own size and on a special Copper Alloy base, it is by far the most effective and compact CPU cooler available. Furthermore the design is outstanding in that it can be upgraded to an active Peltier based cooler, in case pasive turns out to be insufficient, or just because "more wants more". This is seldom an option with other coolers, which are either/or.
For a closer product description of the CoolWhip
Air take a
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CoolWhipLiquid is a considerably more expensive solution, but it's cooling performance is also comparable to the much more expensive VapoChill and Kryotec systems, so viewed in that retrospect, it is almost a revolution.
Moreover CoolWhip
™ Liquid has the advantage, of being relatively easy and very inexpensive to adapt for a new type of Processor, if and when you get the urge for a Processor update (and who doesn't want a new CPU in 2-3 years time?).
With CoolWhip
the only thing you need is a new CoolPlate, in worst case a new Cooling Head and a few drops of Cooling Liquid, to replace the ones you spill (use some from your Car). The only actual part which is subject to wear and tear is the circulation Pump, but being a Lab. type pump, it is designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event it is worn out, a new one (plus a few extra drops of Liquid) is quite inexpensive, comparred with a Compressor and special vaporizing Liquids, there should be allowance for at least 5 Pump exchanges. It is by far the most environmental friendly Coolingsystem of the above mentioned.
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Apart from the above high performance coolers we also carry specialized add-on hardware to assist in better cooling and/or cooling control. You will find these products listed here as they come available. We have ongoing developing activities in new products aimed to increase your OC'ing abilities, so check it out from time to time, you might just find something usefull.